Dare 2 Escape

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Escaping the puzzled room is one of the most challenging and exciting activity for a team of 2-5 people. All your team members will be physically locked in a room before starting the game. In the next 60 minutes, you will have to solve difficult puzzles and crack the codes to find a key to escape the room. During this game, you will breathe in union of the team and brings out the best team playing traits of each member in your team. So this will be one of best team building activities that helps you self realize where you excel and lag as a team. It also helps to develop cognitive, communication, problem solving and team playing skills. These games are the physcial versions of "Escape the room" video games that were created by a group of software engineers from Silicon Valley (California) in 2006. Later the first physical version of this video game was started in Japan by 2008. The theme for each room is different from the other. There are themes such as Space Station, Prison, Haunted House and many more for these escape the room games. As of today, there are 300 companies all around the world running 2800 themed rooms.

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