Why Advertise with us

Infomedia Services , known as the leading Local Search Engine, acts as a bridge between Buyers and Sellers. Infomedia Services provides information about any products or services to customers . Infomedia Services is present in offline print Directories ( Traditional Medium of advertising) and Online services which helps your business grow to the next level. Print Directories helps the B2B segment ( anyone dealing with an Industrial product) through Classifieds and Premium ads. Our advertsiers can get benefited with print directories along with online search ads in the local search engine. Our Company is in plans of developing a mobile application where you can find information on any product or services.

Print Directories has the below advantages

Highly Targeted

One advantage of Yellow Pages advertising is that each ad is highly targeted. Yellow Pages targets people ready to buy, according to the article "Advertising in the Yellow Pages" on Gaebler.com. Yellow Pages has specific categories or headings in which advertisers can place an ad. A company can also place ads in multiple categories, if its business lends itself to multiple classifications

24-Hour Coverage

Yellow Pages are available for shoppers 24 hours per day; newspaper ads, for example, age and are discarded relatively quickly. The 24-hour availability can be particularly beneficial to the advertiser, when households use their Yellow Pages frequently. Most people store their Yellow Pages in drawers or cabinets near the phone so they can reference it when needed.

Highly Effective

Yellow Pages advertising can also be highly effective. However, savvy advertisers often track their Yellow Pages advertising leads, then measure their ROI (return on investment) against what they spent to advertise in the book. Tracking the response elicited from a Yellow Pages ad is easy. Advertisers can set up a special line for the ad and count the responses, or ask callers where they learned about the business. Tracking services are available as well.

One-Time Shot

Businesses only have one shot at placing an effective ad because the book is usually published only once per year. That means the advertiser has one chance of selecting the right type of display ad, writing an effective heading, designing the ad so it will get noticed and placing it in the right category.

Cost Effective

Yellowpages is one of cost effective medium when compared to other advertising mediums , because the Shelf life of Yellowpages is one full year